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oVirt storage balancer

This script takes all configured Storage Domains of oVirt and balances their disks under a defined threshold of occupation. You may exclude certain storage domains, focus it on a concrete data center, adjust the desired threshold and even apply a migration policy (only disks from machines that are up/down at that time, whatever VM's disks...).

This project uses ovirt-engine-sdk-python version 4.x.

Note: This is an unofficial oVirt-related project


virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install --install-option="--with-nss" pycurl
pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: In case you want to use python3 instead of python2 (which is by the way recommended), you can specify the -p python3 parameter to your virtualenv command instead:

virtualenv -p python3 venv


Copy the file as and adjust parameters to your needs. An explaination can be found inside the file comments.

Script invocation

# python -h
usage: [-h] [--one-run] [--daemon] [--show-occupation]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --one-run          Just executes the balancer once (one step)
  --daemon           Executes balancer as daemon. By default.
  --show-occupation  Only shows current storage domain occupation, then
  • If run without parameters, daemon mode will be invoked.
  • --one-run and --show-occupation are incompatible with --daemon mode, and they have precedence over this latter.


This is version 1.5.