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A scala API for the AppEngine Datastore, shamelessly reminiscent of scala-query
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Sage is a scala API for manipulating the App Engine datastore. Is it heavily influenced by szeiger's scala-query.

Declaring Models

    import sage._

    import java.lang.{Long => JLong} 

    case class Name(value: String) extends NewType[String]
    case class Hat(name: Name, price: JLong)

    object Hats extends Base[Hat]("hats") {
      def * =  "type".typedProp(Name) :: "price".prop[JLong]  >< (Hat <-> Hat.unapply _)

Let's go through that. We define our data type, Hat, using a NewType for the name property (types ftw).

To use that as an entity in the datastore, we need a subclass of Base, declaring the datastore kind of the object.

The method * declares how the case class is read and stored within an entity. The order of the properties must match the order of the arguments to the constructor - an incorrect order will lead to a failure at compile time. You build a heterogenous list of properties, then use >< to pass in a function from that list of properties to your case class, and the reverse. "Hat <-> Hat.unapply _" is the most convenient way of declaring this pair of functions.

Inserting Data

    implicit val datastore: DatastoreService = ...

    // Inserting values. Returns the value and the key it is stored under
    val r: Keyed[Hat] = Hats << Hat(Name("Bowler"), 15L)

    // Insert many, returns all the new keys and values.
    val rs: List[Keyed[Hat]] = Hats <<++ List(fedora, flatCap)

Updating Data

Documentation pending! See src/test/scala/sage/updatesSpec.scala


    implicit val datastore: DatastoreService = ...

    Hats.find.query("type" ?== "Bowler").iterable

Parent-Child entities

Documentation pending! See src/test/scala/sage/childrenSpec.scala


Look at specs for more examples.


  1. Sage requires scala 2.8, metascala, and hprops

  2.  $ ./sbt update
    $ ./sbt publish-local
  3. If you aren't using SBT, just copy the jars out of target/ and stick them where you want them. If you are using sbt, modify your project build file to contain the following

  4. val sage = "nkpart" %% "sage" % "0.1"


  • For any numeric values, use JLong
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