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  • Added support for Mac OS X kits
  • Added support for custom frameworks


  • No longer crashes Xcode when a new kit project is generated.
  • Removes old build settings that were causing build warnings.
  • Bumps things to Xcode 4.2


  • Fixes a bug in dependency resolution if a kit existed in dev-packages, but was not in the cache.


scene missing


  • Resource directories. KitSpec field: resources-directory, default "resources". This directory is symlinked to Kits/Resources/ on an update. It gives a stable path to resources that need to be referenced in a parent project (data models, images, etc.)

  • [BUG] Fixes bug introduced in 0.6.2, which caused the Prefix.pch to be compiled twice (once as C, once as Obj-C).


  • Allow 'tagging' of kits as they're published. $ kit publish-local --tag=-HEAD Assuming the Kitspec currently specifies version '1.0', this will publish it as '1.0-HEAD'


  • [BUG] On error, will now use a failure exit code.


  • KitSpec file is now parsed as YAML. Because it's a superset of JSON, this is backwards compatible.


  • Source and lib directories are configurable: source-directory, lib-directory
  • Static libs can be linked into a kit. Place them in lib (or lib-directory).
  • You can pass Xcode flags to the Kits when they are compiled. See kitdeps-xcode-flags. Contents of this string should be in xcconfig format.


Features and bugs.