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Powerful IRC Bot framework
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Fish is a libre and open source IRC-Bot with a powerful plugin API written in PHP. It is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GPL Version 3.

Getting started


  • PHP 7 (Tested on 7.0.x, should work on 7.1 as well)
  • Unix-like OS (Tested on macOS Sierra and Debian Linux)
  • Composer

Fish has been tested to work well on unix systems and PHP 7. It does not work with PHP 5 or Windows at the moment. HHVM hasn't been tested. To install and use Fish, make sure you also have composer installed.


For the best compatibility with plugins, you should always use the latest stable release. It's not recommended to use the source-code from this repository in production, as it may contain bugs or be unstable.

Normal installation

Either directly use composer to download and install the newest version:

$ composer create-project nkreer/fish

or download the latest codebase and let composer install the software using

$ composer install

Installation for use as a library

Fish is available on Packagist. You can require it for your own projects like this.

$ composer require nkreer/fish

Please keep in mind that the software isn't designed to be used as a library. Some features may not work in your environment.


Configuration is done in the fish.json file. You can find help with setting Fish up in


Open a terminal, navigate to the bot's source files and run

$ php Start.php <address> [arguments]

The available arguments are:

--port <port>           for using a port other than 6697

--no-ssl true           for connecting without TLS (Don't use this unless really needed)

--password <password>   for connecting to a passworded server

--config <path>         for using a different config file


Fish offers many features for interaction with an IRC Server out of the box:

  • Super simple and powerful plugin API (The most simple you will find in a PHP IRC-Bot to date!)
  • Support for multiple connections in one process
  • Built-in and adapting management-commands (join, part, help, etc.)
  • Built-in user authentication features
  • Built-in permission management
  • Many more


Fish can be extended by plugins. Several have already been written:

Plugin Description
PluginTools Helps you with packaging of your plugins
Permissions Changes users' permissions on IRC
Scripts Enables you to add simple custom commands to the bot

More is in the works.

API Documentation

You can find a simple tutorial on how to write your own plugins in this repository's wiki. If you have any questions regarding the API, feel free to send me an E-Mail.

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