Autocomplete for require/import statements
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Atom autocomplete for modules.

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Autocomplete for require/import statements.



Include file extension: Include the file's extension when filling in the completion.

Vendor directories: A list of directories to search for modules relative to the project root. (Default: node_modules)

Webpack support: Look for webpack configuration file and add the resolve.modulesDirectories paths to the module search scope.

Webpack configuration filename: Name of the configuration file to look for. (Default: webpack.config.js)

Babel Plugin Module Resolver support: Look for a Babel Plugin Module Resolver configuration and use it for the autocomplete suggestions.


This package only activates if one of the following grammars/languages are being used:

If you're using TypeScript, we suggest to use atom-typescript or ide-typescript packages, which are way better as it uses the TS-server.

If this package doesn't seem to be working, check that you are using one of these. If you want another grammar/language to be supported, please submit an issue.


MIT License