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ESLint plugin for ES5 users.
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ESLint plugin for ES5 users.


Sometimes someone doesn't want or can't to use Babel. Even if you support modern browsers or node.js, JS engines have bugs like broken block-scoping. Maybe you only want to forbid usage of for-of in your project.

If this concerns you, this plugin should help you.


npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-es5


Add the plugin to your .eslintrc:

  "plugins": [

And then any of the rules listed below like this:

  "rules": {
    "es5/no-arrow-functions": "error"

Also you can extend one of presets:

  "extends": [

Available presets:

  • plugin:es5/no-es2015: Forbid ES2015 usage.
  • plugin:es5/no-es2016: Forbid ES2016 usage.

List of supported rules



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