Optimal scheduling of birthday celebrations
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Birthday Fairy Assistant

Hello, Birthday Fairies,

The burden's on you to figure out who gets a celebratory dessert on which dates and who has to prepare this dessert. And if that weren't enough, there's a spacing factor to this -- no one likes long dessert droughts, right?

Welcome to your new celebration scheduling assistant.

You're a couple clicks away from the optimal schedule of dessert distribution.

How to use the scheduler

0. Clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/nkullman/birthday-fairy-assistant.git

1. Modify the input data

  1. Soup dates input_data/SoupDates.csv

    • A list of dates in mm-dd-yy format (demo data are the Wednesdays of the 30 weeks of instruction in UW's 2016-2017 academic year)

      Soup Date
  2. Your participants and their birthdays input_data/ParticipantsAndBdays.csv

    • A list of participants' names and their birthdays in mm-dd format

      Participant Birthday
      Charles Darwin 2-12
      Charles Schwab 7-19
      Charles Barkley 2-20
      Charles Lindbergh 2-4
  3. Any other custom constraints input_data/CustomConstraints.csv

    • A list of names, events, dates, and conditions that define custom constraints

      Participant Event Date Condition
      George Washington celebrate 1-4-17 forbid
      Larry Bird prepare 10-5-16 require
    • The names must match a participant's name exactly, and the dates must match a soup date exactly

    • The last column determines whether the constraint is one forbidding an assignment or requiring an assignment (allowable values in this column are "forbid" and "require")
    • The second column determines whether the constraint is for a person's celebration or preparation of dessert (allowable values in this column are "celebrate" and "prepare").
    • For example, the first line in the demo file adds the constraint that says "We cannot celebrate George Washington's birthday at the soup on January 4, 2017." The second line adds the constraint saying "Larry Bird must prepare a birthday dessert on October 5, 2016."

2. Make sure you have what you need

The scheduler requires the following:

  • The CPLEX executable in your PATH environment variable (get CPLEX for free here)
  • Python 3.x and a few common libraries: math, os, datetime, and pandas

3. Run bfScheduler.py

4. Behold your optimal solution

Your assignments are in bfAssignments.csv

DessertChef PreparesFor OnDate
George Washington Dwyane Wade 1-4-17
George Washington Carver Charles Lindbergh 2-1-17
Langston Hughes Donald Trump 11-16-16