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Quickly verfiy with several webmaster tools that a django site is managed by you
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This application allows various webmaster tools to verify that a Django site is managed by you.

The only supported method of verification is by accessing a file on your server.

Supported services:


Get django-webmaster-verification into your python path:

pip install django-webmaster-verification

Add webmaster_verification to your INSTALLED_APPS in


Add webmaster_verification to your root urlconf (

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'', include('webmaster_verification.urls')),

Add settings just as:

    'bing': '<bing verification code>',
    'google': '<google verification code>',
    'majestic': '<majestic verification code>',
    'yandex': '<yandex verification code>',
    'alexa': '<alexa verification code>',

The codes are alphanumeric and don't include suffixes like 'html', e.g. 847e1f379a99c28a for google, not 847e1f379a99c28a.html.

Multiple codes are supported as well, except for bing:

    'bing': '<bing verification code>',
    'google': (
            '<google verification code 1>',
            '<google verification code 2>',
    'majestic': (
            '<majestic verification code 1>',
            '<majestic verification code 2>',
    'yandex': (
            '<yandex verification code 1>',
            '<yandex verification code 2>',
    'alexa': (
            '<alexa verification code 1>',
            '<alexa verification code 2>',


As Bing always accesses the same verification file I'm not sure if it's possible to support more than one code for it. Please let me know if yes, and how, as I don't really use their tools.

For Yandex only the .txt file method is supported, but adding support for .html should be trivial if you need it.

The Alexa codes I saw all had a length of 27 characters, so that's what this app assumes is used. Please let me know if your codes differ and I need to modify the app.


0.4.0 (2019-01-26)

  • Use docker-based travis testing
  • Test against Django >=1.11
  • Removed tests for Python 3.4, add 3.6
  • I only ran the tests, I don't think I use it on any prod site right now

0.3.0 (2016-02-20)

  • Python 2.7 and Django 1.8 are required

0.2.4 (2015-02-26)

  • Add Django 1.8 (beta1) support and drop 1.5 tests

0.2.3 (2014-04-13)

  • Django 1.7 (beta1) support

0.2.2 (2014-01-12)

  • Django 1.6 support
  • Removed Python 2.5 testing

0.2.1 (2013-03-25)

  • Add alexa support
  • Refactor the test project to use a different structure

0.2 (2013-02-16)

  • Python 3.2 support
  • Integrate testing with travis

0.1.10 (2012-12-21)

  • Fix test errors when running from a real project

0.1.9 (2012-12-19)

  • Pypi updates

0.1.8 (2012-12-19)

  • Yandex Webmaster Tools support added.

0.1.7 (2012-05-07)

  • Bugfix for multiple verification codes for one provider.
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