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Run electrum in docker

Why would I need this?

Well, that's up to you to decide.

How do I use this?

Run the following commands:


That will start electrum, and you can create a new wallet or import existing seeds.

But I already have wallet files?

Copy your entire electrum data directory to the electrum directory.

Why do I have to copy my electrum files

I didn't want to make this access any local wallets automatically.

Isn't this dangerous?

Yes. Review the code before you run it. I'm not liable for any damages. Neither are the people who built the docker images that are used.

Can I use tor to connect to the network?

Yes. Run docker-compose up --build --abort-on-container-exit instead. That will start two docker containers, one with electrum, and one with a tor socks proxy. Use socksproxy as the sox proxy host, and connect to port 9150 from the electrum instance running inside docker.

If you figure out a reliable and secure way of accessing a socks proxy on the host let me know.

Buy my user ID is not 1000?

Yeah, I know. Please submit a patch, not sure how to pass this into compose.

I am so grateful, where should I send all my coins?

Thank you, 1GBP5j5nr1wjUB5t64k1WvpSX2GtRsAUZ8.