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Incident Room

Status: Incomplete (unusable)

Incident Room is a combination status website and IRC bot which makes communication easier during incident response. It provides:

  • guided incident workflow centred on an IRC channel
  • status page for end users
  • sitrep page including chat history for responders
  • prompts to complete updates and reports

IRC Commands

!ir topic

Starts a new incident response.

<sam> !ir Site is down
* irbot changed the topic of #ir: [IR-27] Site is down | IC: sam | Sitrep:

If the channel is in use, irbot will suggest a second one.

<elvis> !ir Stove is busted
<irbot> #ir is currently reserved for "[IR-27] Site is down".
        Please join #ir2 or first resolve the current incident.

!topic new-topic

Renames the current incident.

<sam> !topic Site is slow
* irbot changed the topic of #ir: [IR-27] Site is slow | IC: sam | Sitrep:

!invite user1 msg

Invites a responder to the incident room.

<sam> !invite penny Looks like a db problem. Can you give me hand?
<irbot> Email sent.

Penny will be sent an email asking her to join the IRC room and read the incident history.

To: Penny Morris
Subject: Assitance request: [IR-27] Site is down

Sam has requested your assistance with an ongoing incident response effort.

> Looks like a db problem. Can you give me a hand?

Please join IRC channel #ir. To catch up on the sitrep and chat history see the [IR page].

!status msg

Provides a status update to end users.

<sam> !status A workaround is in place and the site's online but slow. Work
              on adressing the root cause is continuing.

Periodically irbot will prompt for an update.

<irbot> Status was updated 30 minutes ago, please update with !status if the situation
        has changed. "We are investigating the problem."

!nextupdate time

Set an estimated time for the next status update. The bot will stop prompting update reminders until then.

<sam> !nextupdate 2 hours
<irbot> Next update estimate set for 2 hours. I will remind you 5 minutes before then.


Mark the incident as resolved. The IC will be reminded to complete an incident report.

<sam> !resolve
* irbot changed the topic of #ir: No active incident | Previous:
<irbot> sam: Please complete the incident report or transfer IC responsibilities
        at I will remind you by email in
        one day.