The QEMU Disk Image Extractor Thing
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                 The QEMU Disk Image Extractor Thing

Hi there.  This is a collection of scripts for building QEMU, a
Linux kernel and initramfs for mounting disk images and extracting
data from them.  We run this inside a VM instead of loopback mounting
so that we can use patched versions of the kernel that support
additional filesystems without affecting the host server's kernel.


* Linux host machine
  - x86_64 (it should work on x86 but you'll need to hack it a bit)
  - gcc 4
  - NFS server


Unpack somewhere and run `make'.  Copy the contents of 'dist' somewhere 
useful, like /usr/local/qemu-image-extractor


The destination directory for the image to be extracted to must be 
exported over NFS.  Then run the script bin/qemu-extract-image.  It takes 
the following arguments:

* image file
* NFS mount (must be an IP address as DNS is not available in VM)
* destination directory (relative to NFS mount)
* comma-seperated list of filesystems to try.

For example:

./dist/bin/qemu-extract-image /doss/doss-devel/working/digipres/test/images/nla.dp-n113301/nla.dp-n113301.img working/digipres/test/images/nla.dp-n113301/filesystem xfs,udf,iso9660,ext3

The filesystems will attempt to be mounted in order and any that succeed 
will have their contents copied to $destination/$filesystem