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License GPL 3 Coverage Status

Master :

  • MELPA Stable
  • Circle CI


  • Melpa Status
  • Circle CI

Package gitlab provides a REST client to the Gitlab API.


Installation via package.el

package.el is the built-in package manager in Emacs.

emacs-gitlab is available on the two major community maintained repositories - MELPA STABLE, MELPA.

You can install gitlab with the following commnad:

M-x package-install [RET] gitlab [RET]

or by adding this bit of Emacs Lisp code to your Emacs initialization file (.emacs or init.el):

(unless (package-installed-p 'gitlab)
  (package-install 'gitlab))

If the installation doesn't work try refreshing the package list:

M-x package-refresh-contents [RET]

Keep in mind that MELPA packages are built automatically from the master branch, meaning bugs might creep in there from time to time. Never-the-less, installing from MELPA is the recommended way of obtaining emacs-gitlab, as the master branch is normally quite stable and "stable" (tagged) builds are released somewhat infrequently.

With the most recent builds of Emacs, you can pin emacs-gitlab to always use MELPA Stable by adding this to your Emacs initialization:

(add-to-list 'package-pinned-packages '(gitlab . "melpa-stable") t)

Via el-get

el-get is another popular package manager for Emacs. If you're an el-get user just do M-x el-get-install [RET] gitlab [RET].


You can install emacs-gitlab manually by placing it on your load-path and require ing it. Many people favour the folder ~/.emacs.d/vendor.

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/vendor/")
(require 'gitlab)


  • Setup your Gitlab configurations :

      $ (setq gitlab-host "https://gitlab.com"
              gitlab-token-id "foo")
  • Show user's projects with helm interface:

      $ M-x helm-gitlab-projects


  • Show user's issues with helm interface:

      $ M-x helm-gitlab-issues
  • Open current issue:

      $ M-x gitlab-open-issue
      $ o
  • Close current issue:

      $ M-x gitlab-close-issue
      $ c



gitlab use Cask for dependencies management. Install it and retrieve dependencies :

$ curl -fsSkL https://raw.github.com/cask/cask/master/go | python
$ export PATH="$HOME/.cask/bin:$PATH"
$ cask


  • Setup your Gitlab informations :

      $ cat $HOME/.emacs-gitlab.rc
      export GITLAB_HOST="https://gitlab.com"
      export GITLAB_TOKEN_ID="yourtokenid"
      export GITLAB_PROJECT_ID=111222
      export GITLAB_PROJECT_NAME="myproject"
      export GITLAB_PROJECT_DESCRIPTION="a project description"
      export GITLAB_ISSUE_ID=145645
      export GITLAB_ISSUE_TITLE="the issue title"
  • Launch unit tests :

      $ . $HOME/.emacs-gitlab.rc
      $ make clean test

Support / Contribute

See here


A changelog is available here.




Nicolas Lamirault nicolas.lamirault@gmail.com