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Extra Credits Game Jam #4 Entry with a theme of "Connect"
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Is our entry for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4 where the theme was "Connect."


The first ting that came to mind was a "connect the dots" like game where you control a dot that connects with other dots to form a path and move aroud. The idea morphed into a ninja in the shape of a dot that uses a grappling hook to connect with targets on the walls to move around the room collecting keys to unlock the exit


  • You can Click Here to play
  • HTML and PC versions of the games are available
  • Currently the Android port is just the PC version and needs to be optimized for phones.


  • Everything is controlled using the Left Mouse Button
  • Click to connect, click again to move, click on the player to reset all connections, or click on a previous connection to remove all connections after it.


  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • Audacity
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