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Source for LaTeX fmtcount package
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This is the source for the LaTeX fmtcount package.

The source for the .sty and .def files are in the trunk/ directory.
(The source for the sample files are also in trunk/)

The .ins and .dtx files are created using makedtx

In the trunk/ directory you can run "make dist" to generate the .dtx
and .ins files (which will be put in the dist/ directory).
Alternatively, you can run makedtx explicitly:

        makedtx -author "Nicola Talbot and Vincent Belaïche" \
                -src "(.+)\.(sty)=>\1.\2" \
                -src "(.+)\.(def)=>\1.\2" \
                -doc fmtcount-manual.tex fmtcount

The Perl script mv2dist moves the .dtx and .ins files from trunk/ to
dist/ additionally substituting in the correct version number and

Once the .dtx and .ins files have been created, the documentation
can be compiled either using the Makefile file in the dist/
directory or explicitly using:

		latex fmtcount.ins

                pdflatex fmtcount.dtx
                makeindex -s fmtcount.idx
                makeindex -s -o fmtcount.gls fmtcount.glo
                pdflatex fmtcount.dtx
                pdflatex fmtcount.dtx

Licensed under the LPPL.

Nicola Talbot
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