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Java GUI diagnostic tool for the glossaries LaTeX package
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A Java GUI diagnostic tool for the glossaries LaTeX package. It can check for common problems that can cause the entries within the glossary or the entire glossary to be omitted. In GUI mode it parses both the .aux and the .log file for known error and warning messages.

When run in batch mode, it can be used as alternative to the makeglossaries Perl script and the makeglossaries-lite.lua Lua script supplied by the glossaries package. (It doesn't parse the log file in batch mode or show all the diagnostic information that the GUI mode provides.)

Third Party Libraries

MakeGlossariesGUI depends on the following third party libraries whose jar files are placed in the application's lib directory by the installer:

If you want to build the application, you will need to fetch those jar files and add them to the lib directory.

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