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Railscasts downloader script (only FREE videos)


railscasts-downloader is a script for lightweight download, display names and descriptions episode(s) from (only FREE content). Written on Ruby for linux and MacOS.


Clone git repository:

git clone git://

Change directory:

cd railscasts-downloader-script

Run bundler:

bundle install

Then move railscasts script to directory where you want to contain download episodes. You can move it to directory that exist other episodes and download the missing one.


  • ruby(1.8.7 and higher);
  • rubygems (gem nokogiri, open-uri, timeout);
  • wget;


Run in terminal: ./railscasts-downloader [[OPTION] number of episodes] [episode(s)] [--with-desc]


  • -s : show name of episode(s)
  • -d : download episode(s)


  • first/last count : show or download first/last episode(s)
  • all : download all(missed) episode(s)
  • --with-desc : display description selected episode(s) (only -s command)


  • '-s first 5' - show first 5 eposides
  • '-d 137', - download only 137 episode
  • '-d 4-8', - download from 4 to 8 episodes
  • '-d last 3' - download last 3 episodes
  • '-s 5 --with-desc' - show episode number 5 with description
  • '-d all' - download all(missing) episodes