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*Goals for Zotero development*
_New Translators_
* Write import/export translator for Zotero's JSON (or citeproc-js's JSON)
* This would make it easier to force-feed Zotero full-fledged items
* Also for alternatively pathways of citation processor integration
* Write import translator for BMC XML,
* Write translator for Microsoft Academic Search
_Broken Translators_
* MetaPress (SpringerLink)
* IngentaConnect imprints (need for Brill)
* Biomedcentral is between formats and needs special-cased treatment (
* Sage journals (
_In-Progress Translators_
* fix ISI behavior
* Make ACM connector-friendly
* Explore EZProxy+JSTOR issues (
* Write email translator (undertested, etc.-- but now in github)
_Other Zotero Features_
* RTF scan fixes, see Gnotero integration would provide something akin to Papers2's Magic Manuscripts
* "inability to read names with accent marks"
* "Author suppression doesn't work well--a symbol is probably required (like the one used in Bookends) in order to force suppression e.g. {-Author, 1995, 45}" (Ibid.)
* Identifiers
* PDF metadata lookup fallback
_Scholarly Process_
* Start using XML-TILE or other textual annotation system, and find a way to integrate with Zotero
* Integrate OCR, or integrate OCR more tightly
* Papers2 uses Tesseract-- I've been looking at it too, but we'd need training data
* Image capture-- scanning, folder watching, etc.
* Full-text indexing for more file types, see
* Extend interfaces in /chrome/content/zotero/xpcom/fulltext.js
_Data Model_
* Write an RDF triple store for the Firefox/XULRunner environment, and allow it to integrate with Zotero
* Possibly use file attachments on items to store the RDF.
* This is intended to also serve as an Agent/Creator system, to allow metadata, statements of equivalency, etc., between author names
* Add language tagging of items, and support for item-language-dependent styles (language of citation is language of source)
* Add support for controlled vocabularies to Zotero, probably as assertions of equivalence between item data and URIs
* Allow inter-item relationships to be classified (isReviewOf, refutes, cites) [they may have to be made directional to do this]