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top10 extract: settingsprovider should use DB name i.s.o. password fo…

…r -d option
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1 parent a7b1a0c commit 89b7acf1cf7456a4e52816983d1f6d1836ba2bef @justb4 justb4 committed May 8, 2013
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@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ def pg_pass(self):
return self._get_postgis_setting('PG_PASSWORD')
def pg_conn(self):
- return '-h %s -p %s -U %s -d %s' % (self.pg_host(), self.pg_port(), self.pg_user(), self.pg_pass())
+ return '-h %s -p %s -U %s -d %s' % (self.pg_host(), self.pg_port(), self.pg_user(), self.pg_db())
def pg_clientencoding(self):
# ini

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