helper functions for node.js buffers for faster i/o
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###Bufferwise binary operations

  • getBit(buffer, offset) returns true or false
  • setBit(buffer, offset, boolean) returns the changed byte
  • XOR(buffer, buffer2) returns the modifed first buffer
  • OR(buffer, buffer2) returns the modifed first buffer
  • AND(buffer, buffer2) return the modifed first buffer
  • NOT(buffer) return the modifed buffer
  • EQUAL(buffer, buffer2) returns a boolean
  • leftShift(buffer, offset) returns a NEW buffer
  • rightShift(buffer, offset) returns a NEW buffer
  • signedRightShift(buffer, offset) returns a NEW buffer

These are some helper functions that appear to be significantly faster than core Buffer manipulation functions.

Functions included

  • readInt(buffer, offset) -- (buffer.readInt8(offset))
  • writeInt(buffer, int, offset) -- (buffer.writeInt8(int, offset))
  • readInt32(buffer, offset) -- (buffer.readUInt32BE(offset))
  • writeInt32(buffer, int, offset) -- (buffer.writeUInt32BE(int, offset))
  • readString(buffer, start, end) -- (buffer.toString(start, end))
  • writeString(buffer, str, offset) -- (Buffer.write(str, 'utf8', offset))
  • readVarint(buffer, offset) -- (no equivalent)
  • writeVarint(buffer, int, offset) -- (no equivalent)

Note that the Int32 functions are currently unsigned and big endian only, though I'd happily accept pull requests to add more functionality.


100,000,000 iterations of each function. (see bench.js)

  • Buffer#writeInt8: 1225ms
  • butils#writeInt: 166ms
  • Buffer#readInt8: 761ms
  • butils#readInt: 164ms
  • Buffer#writeUInt32BE: 1544ms
  • butils#writeInt32: 257ms
  • Buffer#readUInt32BE: 1525ms
  • butils#readInt32: 323ms
  • Buffer#write: 45101ms
  • butils#writeString: 2509ms
  • Buffer#toString: 17505ms
  • butils#readString: 7340ms
  • butils#writeVarint: 1264ms
  • butils#readVarint: 4777ms