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Java Debugger

JSwat is a graphical Java debugger front-end, written to use the Java Platform Debugger Architecture and based on the NetBeans Platform. Its features include sophisticated breakpoints; colorized source code display with code navigator; movable display panels showing threads, call stack, visible variables, and loaded classes; command interface for more advanced features; and Java-like expression evaluation, including method invocation.


This project is effectively discontinued as of 2013. It is known not to work with Java 8 and possibly even Java 7. No one is working on this project any more, including the original author. May I humbly suggest using one of the much better alternatives?


The compiled binaries and installers for milestone releases are available from Google Drive: JSwat Downloads

The -cli files are special versions of JSwat compiled for use on a text- based console. The other files should be self-evident: installers for the various platforms, and zip files for those where an installer is not available or desirable. Source for each release is available from the Releases page, and via tags in the source repository.

Getting Help

Asking for help is as easy as posting a message to the jswat-discuss Google Group. Be sure to read the README file that is included with JSwat, the troubleshooting section of the Installation instructions, as well as any pertinent help topics, before asking questions.


If you would like to contribute to the development of JSwat, please have a look at the developer documentation in the source tree (under docs/dev) for all the information needed to build JSwat.

Built on NetBeans

JSwat is built on the NetBeans Platform, using some additional modules from the NetBeans IDE.


The license for this application is the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), unless otherwise stated in the license text of the software. In particular, versions prior to 3.0 are licensed under the GNU General Public License.