Sublime Text plugin that extends Vintage with a function argument ('a') noun
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Argument Noun


Argument Noun is a Sublime Text 3 plugin that extends the Vintage mode with a new arguments noun (text object): 'a'. It is is similar to the argtextobj plugin for Vim by Takahiro Suzuki.

Example: let's say you are editing foo(a, b*(c+d)) and the caret is somewhere inside the second argument. Triggering the __c__hange-__i__nner-__a__rgument operation by typing cia then gives you foo(a, ) and you can insert some text to replace the old argument.

Read more about verbs, nouns and modifiers


  • delete an argument with daa
  • change inner argument with cia
  • select inner argument with via
  • yank inner argument with yia



  • clone to your Sublime Text 3 Packages folder located at
    • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3
    • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3
    • Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-3


The plugin is quite syntax agnostic. It however makes the assumption that an argument list is wrapped in parenthesis, is preceded by a function name identifier, and that arguments are comma separated.

If two identifiers are separated by only a newline and white space it is assumed that a right parenthesis after the first identifier is missing, i.e.

myfunction(a, b, c
x = 5

is handled as if c had been followed by ). This ensures that the argument region does not get too large in case of incorrect syntax.

Only commas at the correct level of nesting are treated as argument separators so eg. usage of Python tuples shouldn't pose any problem.


Method calls without parenthesis (like in Ruby) are not supported at this time.

Comments intermingled with arguments are not supported at this time.


MIT License


Created by Nils Liberg