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Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming with Highland.js

Here are my slides, speaker notes, and demos for my talk given at OKC.js on September 15, 2015.

Running Demos

All demos have been tested against Node v4.0.0 except demo 7. Demo 7 requires AWS credentials, which will be left as an exercise for the reader.

First, let’s generate some data.

$ node createPeople.js

This will generate 100,000 random people in a Mongo database called okcjs-highland-demo.

Next, install packages and run the demo file with node.

$ npm install
$ node demo-01-map.js

Since demo 5 is not in JavaScript, you can run it directly or with sh. It uses pbcopy and pbpaste which are specific to OS X.

$ ./
$ sh


Code samples for OKC.js Lightning Talks, Round 10. September 15, 2015.




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