IDApro idc and idapython script collection
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IDApro idc and idapython script collection

Contains several iterators:

Texts search text ( or regex ) in the disassembly, like Alt-T
NonFuncs search non function code ( like Alt-U )
Undefs search unexplored items ( like Ctrl-U )
Binaries search binary patterns ( like Alt-B )
ArrayItems return addresses for each item in an array
Addrs all addresses in range
BytesThat bytes matching a filter
Heads all heads in range
NotTails Heads + undefined bytes
Funcs enumerate all function starts
FChunks enumerate all function chunks

The range which is to be searched can be specified in several ways:

Texts(start [, "text"] ) search from start until the end of the file
Texts(start, end [, "text"] ) search between start and end
Texts(["text"]) search the selected area, or
search from the cursor to the end of the file