IDA plugin investigating the internal representation of IDC scripts
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This is a small plugin i made for IDA Pro ( )

It attempts to investigate the internals of IDA. For older versions of IDA it could dump the internal netnode representation of the .idb file. This no longer works. What does work:

  • print a list of all builtin IDC functions by enumerating IDCFuncs
  • disassemble all compiled IDC functions by locating the internal pointer to the compiled functions list.

dbdump knows how to find the idc compiled bytecode for several ida versions, but possibly not for all.


  • install
  • startup ida
  • type alt-2
  • read the dump_db.log file in the directory from where ida was started.


  • This is known to build on OSX 10.9 - 10.12, the windows build has not been tested for quite a while.
  • The boost library headers are expected in /opt/local/include
  • No attempt has been made to make this very portable.


  • type make
  • type make install


(C) 2003-2017 Willem Hengeveld