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Silver Bird

  1. What is it?

    Silver Bird is a general purpose Chromium twitter extension.

  2. Installing

    Get it at the chrome web store

    or Download it directly from GitHub

  3. Compatibility

    It works on all Chrome distribution channels: Stable, Beta and Dev.

  4. Features

    • Follow your timelines and navigate through your tweets
    • Notify user through icon changes whenever new tweets arrive
    • Compose, reply, and RT tweets
    • Read / unread tweets tracking
    • OAuth authentication
    • Tweets caching to avoid hitting Twitter's API rate limit (Only hit Twitter after 1 minute or when fetching uncached tweets)
    • It uses Chromium autoupdate feature, so you won't be left behind
  5. License

    This project uses the very simple and permissive MIT license. Check the LICENSE file.