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## Please don't
-- Only make changes to file `src/json.hpp` -- please read the paragraph above and understand why `src/json.hpp.re2c` exists.
+- Please do not only make changes to file `src/json.hpp` -- please read the paragraph above and understand why `src/json.hpp.re2c` exists.
- The C++11 support varies between different **compilers** and versions. Please note the [list of supported compilers]( Some compilers like GCC 4.8 (and earlier), Clang 3.3 (and earlier), or Microsoft Visual Studio 13.0 and earlier are known not to work due to missing or incomplete C++11 support. Please refrain from proposing changes that work around these compiler's limitations with `#ifdef`s or other means.
- Specifically, I am aware of compilation problems with **Microsoft Visual Studio** (there even is an [issue label](✓&q=label%3A%22visual+studio%22+) for these kind of bugs). I understand that even in 2016, complete C++11 support isn't there yet. But please also understand that I do not want to drop features or uglify the code just to make Microsoft's sub-standard compiler happy. The past has shown that there are ways to express the functionality such that the code compiles with the most recent MSVC - unfortunately, this is not the main objective of the project.
- Please refrain from proposing changes that would **break [JSON]( conformance**. If you propose a conformant extension of JSON to be supported by the library, please motivate this extension.
+ - We shall not extend the library to **support comments**. There is quite some [controversy]( around this topic, and there were quite some [issues]( on this. We believe that JSON is fine without comments.
+ - We do not preserve the **insertion order of object elements**. The [JSON standard]( defines objects as "an unordered collection of zero or more name/value pairs". To this end, this library does not preserve insertion order of name/value pairs. (In fact, keys will be traversed in alphabetical order as `std::map` with `std::less` is used by default.) Note this behavior conforms to the standard, and we shall not it to any other order.
- Please do not open pull requests that address **multiple issues**.
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