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@nlohmann nlohmann released this Jul 28, 2019 · 147 commits to develop since this release

Release date: 2019-07-28
SHA-256: a503214947952b69f0062f572cb74c17582a495767446347ce2e452963fc2ca4 (json.hpp), 541c34438fd54182e9cdc68dd20c898d766713ad6d901fb2c6e28ff1f1e7c10d (


This release introduces a few convenience functions and performs a lot of house keeping (bug fixes and small improvements). All changes are backward-compatible.

New Features

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where typedefs with certain names yielded a compilation error. #1642 #1643
  • Fix a conversion to std::string_view in the unit tests. #1634 #1639
  • Fix MSVC Debug build. #1536 #1570 #1608
  • Fix get_to method to clear existing content before writing. #1511 #1555
  • Fix a -Wc++17-extensions warning. nodiscard attributes are now only used with Clang when -std=c++17 is used. #1535 #1551

⚡️ Improvements

🔨 Further Changes

🔥 Deprecated functions

This release does not deprecate any functions. As an overview, the following functions have been deprecated in earlier versions and will be removed in the next major version (i.e., 4.0.0):

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