Domoticz module for JASPER voice recognition software
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#Jasper-Domoticz Domoticz home automation module for Jasper. Allows the ability to command devices, scenes and groups individually or per roomplan through the Domoticz JSON API.

###Steps to install Jasper-Domoticz:

  • Make sure the Domoticz server is running by going to the server_url, e.g. https://server_ip or http://server_ip:port.
  • Add the Domoticz server url, username and password to profile.yml:
  server: <server_url>
  username: <username>
  password: <password>
  • Download Jasper-Domoticz:
cd <path to jasper/client/modules>
git clone ./domoticz

You have installed the Domoticz module for Jasper!

###Usage: Assuming a dinnertable light, a movie scene, a night group and a thermostat are defined in Domoticz, the following commands can be issued:

YOU: Turn on the dinnertable light
JASPER: Turning dinnertable light on
YOU: Turn off the dinnertable light
JASPER: Turning dinnertable light off
YOU: Activate movie mode
JASPER: Activating the movie scene
YOU: Activate the night group
JASPER: Switching on the night group
YOU: Activate the night group
JASPER: The night group is already on
YOU: What is the current temperature?
JASPER: Inside the house, it is 19.3 degrees celsius and 46 percent humidity
YOU: Increase the temperature
JASPER: Increasing the temperature to 20.3


  • write unittests
  • implement other devices
  • improve performance of json calls to Domoticz
  • refactor to generalize device calls
  • refactor thermostat calls

##Contributions from the following people: