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NLPCraft native Java client.
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What is NLPCraft?

NLPCraft is an open source library for adding a natural language interface to any applications. NLPCraft is free and developer friendly, it securely works with any private data source, has no hardware or software lock-in all the while giving you tremendous NLP powers.

Java Client

Native Java client provide easy-to-use Java-based API that wraps standard NLPCraft REST APIs . It can be used by any JVM language that provides Java interop such as Scala, Groovy, or Kotlin.

For any questions, feedback or suggestions:


From any JVM-based application code:

// Get client instance with all defaults.
NCClient cli = new NCClientBuilder().build();
// Perform any necessary calls...
NCResult res = cli.askSync("", "Hey, isn't NLPCraft cool?");
// Close client & sign out at the end.


Copyright (C) 2019 NLPCraft. All Rights Reserved.

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