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Evidence Sentence Extraction for Machine Reading Comprehension
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Annotated evidence sentences for 500 questions from the dev set of the RACE-Middle dataset described in the paper Evidence Sentence Extraction for Machine Reading Comprehension. We provide the annotations of two annotators.

If you find this resource useful, please cite the following paper.

  title={Evidence Sentence Extraction for Machine Reading Comprehension},
  author={Wang, Hai and Yu, Dian and Sun, Kai and Chen, Jianshu and Yu, Dong and McAllester, David and Roth, Dan},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the CoNLL},
  address={Hong Kong, China},

The format of these files are as follows.

 docid: [
  evidence sentences for the 1st question,
  evidence sentences for the 2nd question,

Note that for some questions, annotators cannot find appropriate evidence sentences. For these cases, we leave the evidence sentence list empty.

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