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In order by changed lines of code (Ballmer says SLOC is an IBM religion):

  • Pontus Stenetorp <pontus is s u-tokyo ac jp>
  • Sampo Pyysalo <smp is s u-tokyo ac jp>
  • Goran Topić <goran is s u-tokyo ac jp>
  • Tomoko Ohta <tomoko.ohta manchester ac uk>
  • Pierre-Francois Laquerre <pierre.francois gmail com>
  • Illés Solt <solt tmit bme hu>
  • Jörn Kottmann <kottmann gmail com>
  • David McClosky <david.mcclosky gmail com>
  • Antony Scerri <a.scerri elsevier com>
  • Jon Crump <jjcrump uw edu>

Extracted using the following bash one-liner:

echo -e "Changed\tAdded\tDeleted\tName"; (OIFS="$IFS"; IFS=$'\n'; for author in `git log --format='%aN <%aE>' | sort -u`; do git log -C --author="$author" --pretty=tformat: --numstat | awk "BEGIN{add=0;del=0}\$1{add+=\$1}\$2{del+=\$2}END{print (add+del) \"\\t\" add \"\\t\" del \"\\t$author\"}"; done | sort -gr)

Some contributors has sometimes forgotten to configure their installation properly, but seeing who is who on the list and adding up the changed lines is fairly straightforward.