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LaTeX Template for the Dialogue Conference.
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LaTeX Template for the Dialogue Conference

Proceedings of the Dialogue conference are typeset in the Adobe InDesign suite which is not compatible with LaTeX. However, it is possible to convert LaTeX documents to the InDesign format, ICML, using Pandoc. This conversion process is highly error-prone, so we had to limit the available features strictly.

Build Status



  • use the dialogue document class
  • make sure that your document compiles with zero errors
  • keep the document layout as simple as possible
  • use BibTeX to format the bibliography
  • run the conversion command on your machine

Do Not...

  • modify dialogue.cls in any way
  • use any packages or features not included in the template
  • use \ref in the document
  • use tabular inside tabular


We recommend using the following command for conversion:

pandoc -s -f latex -t icml -o dialogue.icml --bibliography=dialogue.bib --filter pandoc-citeproc --csl=splncs.csl dialogue.tex

This command converts your document dialogue.tex and bibliography dialogue.bib to dialogue.icml. The splncs.csl style is used for bibliography conversion (provided in the repository). Warnings that are related to formulas are OK.

InDesign files are XML documents. Unfortunately, sometimes Pandoc produces non-well-formed XML. Please run the following command to verify this:

xmllint --noout dialogue.icml

If error messages are shown, try modifying the dialogue.icml file in any text editor to ensure that no errors are shown.


Please use GitHub Issues for getting and offering help.


This work is in the public domain, see LICENSE.txt for details.

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