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This repository contains source code for demos available at

National Land Survey of Finland Background Map as Vector Tiles

Proof-of-Concept vector tile map covering Finland. This is a summer-of-code project by @Postilaatikko.

JSON map specification available at Source code for the mapbox demo pages (frontpage, mbMap.html) are being prepared for github release.

These demos are up-to-date js projects with npm, webpack build etc.

Vector Tile Demos

The demos are example mash ups to visualise the vector tiles. No build system is required as the demos do not use most recent JS language constructs. Any js libraries load from various cdn providers.

Vector Tile Service

The vector tiles service used is targeted only for development and proof-of-concept use.

Vector Tile Database

Note: The database for the vector tiles service is last updated on a October 2017 based on a modified snapshot of National Land Survey of Finland databases. The data model is simplified and generalised from production databases.

WMTS service

The WMTS service used for background raster maps is property of National Land Survey of Finland and is only used in demos as reference map content.

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