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Chapter 6 bad choice of variable name #94

alexrudnick opened this Issue Jan 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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In the section, Gender Identification the following example:

>>> from nltk.corpus import names
>>> import random
>>> names = ([(name, 'male') for name in names.words('male.txt')] +
... [(name, 'female') for name in names.words('female.txt')])
>>> import random
>>> random.shuffle(names)

While it works, as it is, it might be a better example to use a different
variable name than "names" for the list of male and female names after just
importing a "names" module.

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StevenBird1 said, at 2009-12-07T01:11:44.000Z:

Thanks for pointing out this problem. Unfortunately there are many references to "names" that would have to be fixed -- we need to decide if this is feasible for the reprinting.

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