Machine Translation

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Statistical machine translation (SMT) is a rapidly growing area within Computational Linguistics. NLTK should provide a pathway for students who want to learn about the basic algorithms. View NLTK activity on SMT.

Existing functionality

Existing functionality is mostly in the translate submodule. It includes:

  • IBM Models 1-3 translate/ibm{1,2,3}.py
  • MT evaluation metrics
  • BLEU translate/
  • RIBES translate/
  • ChrF translate/
  • GLEU translate/
  • Gale-Church Sentence Aligner translate/
  • Aligned sentence reader corpus/reader/
  • Grow-Diagonal-Final-And Phrase Extraction translate/

Planned functionality

We would like to add functionality in the following areas:

Third-party implementations

Existing Python implementations that could possibly be incorporated into NLTK

Useful links

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