Distributed parallel processing framework based on DFG model
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Welcome to AROM!


AROM is a distributed parallel processing framework based on the DFG model for the execution and the definition of the jobs. It is built around the actor model and uses AKKA 1.0 at the basis of its stack and is implemented in Scala.

Getting Started

  • Please check out our wiki, it is intended as our single point of information for the moment
  • Widely annotated examples are available in the examples package

Compilation Instructions

The current code on the repository is fully fonctional and comprises the master and the slave runtimes. Once repository is cloned all is needed to run AROM is a Java virtual machine.

To compile on UNIX systems, simply run

$ ./sbt update $ ./sbt compile


The folowing configuration file must be adjusted:

  • arom-core/src/main/resources/arom.conf (contains all AROM settings along those for the Akka library)

Starting the slave runtime

The slave runtime can be launched with the command:

$ ./sbt 'project aromslave' run

At the moment, the slave runtime needs to be manually launched on each of the slave nodes in the cluster.

The master runtime is automatically launched once a job is defined and started (please see wiki for examples and documentation)


Tran Nam-Luc (Euranova)

Arthur Lesuisse (ULB - initial commit)