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Elgg calendar UI integrating the JS library
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Elgg Calendar UI

Elgg 2.3

Elgg calendar UI plugin integrating the JS library

If events_api plugin is enabled, community members can manage their own calendar and events.


Use as Events Plugin UI

The events_api plugin is suggested, so the following options are available:

For community users

  • Both site and users calendar are available
  • Users can submit events directly from calendar
  • Option for time zone dependant events
  • Option to set an event as "background event" for other users
  • Option to set business hours of calendar
  • Calendar widget

For site administrators

  • Enable option for users to select the own timezone
  • Set default localization
  • Enable option for users to select the own localization
  • Set default date/time format
  • Allow or not overlapping events
  • Option to enable or disable calendar for site
  • Option to enable or disable calendar for users, taking in consideration profile types if profile_manager plugin is enabled

Use as Calendar UI API

Calendar UI can be used as API for visualizing any date/time related entities. The following options are available:

  • Elgg view for visualizing on calendar any date/time related entities
  • Form input for timezone
  • Form input for locale

Future Tasks List

  • Add option for submitting repeated events
  • Add output view for timezone and locate
  • Display localization language names on selection list (now localization id is displayed)
  • Add calendar support for groups
  • On event view display date according locale selected
  • If other calendar locale selected than 'en', the submission is not working directly from calendar.
  • Add option for users to create/edit more personal calendars (as offered this option from events_api)
  • Add guidelines about how to use as as Calendar UI API
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