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Elgg plugin for posting classifieds to community members
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Agora Classifieds Plugin

Elgg 3.0

Elgg plugin for posting classifieds to community members using PayPal Payment Gateway.

Administrator can set who can post classifieds in settings, administrators or all users.


  • Members are able to create classifieds/listing posts
  • Post classifieds with several features:
    • Option to sell online units using PayPal payment gateway (PayPal API plugin is required)
    • Ad title and description
    • Ad location
    • Price and currency
    • No of available units
    • Photos of ad unit
    • tax and shipping cost
    • Tags, comments, access level
  • Option to use Paypal Adaptive payments (PayPal API plugin is required)
  • Unlimited number of classifieds
  • Unlimited number of classifieds categories
  • Map of Classifieds with search options, if enabled by administrator
  • More options are provided when the map is initially loaded (show all ads, show newest ads or ads around current logged-in user's location)
  • Optionally, a list of ads, which are displayed on map, is loaded on sidebar
  • Option to sell downloads/digital products, if enabled by administrator
  • Option for reviews and star ratings only from buyers
  • Members must accept terms of use before posting ads, if enabled by administrator
  • Buyer and seller receive notifications for PayPal transaction
  • Automatically reduce the number of available units once payment is completed
  • Automatically disable the classified if all the available units are sold out
  • Option for posting classifieds in groups
  • List view and gallery view of classifieds
  • Widget on users profile for showing of their latest classifieds
  • Widget on users profile displaying recent purchases of user
  • Option for offline requests by sending private message to the seller, if enabled by administrator
  • River announcements with image
  • Notifications are send for each transaction to users specified by administrator
  • Transactions log list in admin area
  • Several configuration options


Requires: Elgg 3.x or higher

  1. Upload classifieds plugin in "mod/" elgg folder and activate it
  2. In "Administration/Configure/Settings/Agora Classifieds" you can configure several options
  3. The PayPal API plugin is required in order to use PayPal as payment gateway.
  4. The Geo Maps API plugin is required if need to use location and map functionality.
  5. The Ratings plugin is suggested in order to allow comments and ratings only from buyers.
  6. The HTML email handler plugin is suggested for sending html emails.

Future Tasks List

  • Rebuild categories functionality
  • Validate cron job for rating reminder
  • Remove language messages
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