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Updated Amanda Formula per requests by homebrew

update the amanda formula per requests made by the homebrew
team. Also realized I put in the wrong dependency for amplot.
amplot depends on gnuplot directly not cairo.
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1 parent c2d8d7c commit e398adbb7b7b412bc98947fd746c0d2abb0c395d @nmadura committed Apr 9, 2012
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  1. +17 −18 Library/Formula/amanda.rb
@@ -1,10 +1,5 @@
require 'formula'
-# this formula was created by Nathaniel Madura (nmadura at umich dot edu)
-# It is to make an Amanda (community edition) backup client for OS X
-# Amanda runs a specific user, instructions for creating that user on
-# a 10.5+ machine are included in the caveats.
class Amanda < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
@@ -13,19 +8,20 @@ class Amanda < Formula
depends_on 'glib'
depends_on 'pkg-config' => :build
depends_on 'gettext'
- depends_on 'cairo' if ARGV.include? '--with-gnuplot'
+ depends_on 'gnuplot' if ARGV.include? '--with-amplot'
def options
- ['--with-gnuplot', "Enable amanda plotting module."],
+ ['--with-amplot', "Enable amanda plotting module."],
def install
-# ENV.append "PKG_CONFIG", "#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/bin/pkg-config"
args = ["--prefix=#{prefix}",
+ "--sysconfdir=#{etc}",
+ "--localstatedir=#{var}",
+ "--disable-installperms",
# specify user and group to run amanda as, see caveats below
@@ -36,22 +32,25 @@ def install
# cellar.
- # cairo, or one of its dependencies does not appear to be installing on PPC
- if ARGV.include? '--with-gnuplot'
- args << "-I#{Formula.factory('cairo').lib}"
- args << "-I#{Formula.factory('cairo').include}"
+ # gnuplot pulls in libgd and a bunch of other dependencies, and plotting by the client isn't necessary
+ if ARGV.include? '--with-amplot'
+ args << "--with-gnuplot=#{Formula.factory('gnuplot').bin}"
system "./configure", *args
system "make"
- # amanda wants setuid root
- system "echo 'This package requires setuid root on amservice.'"
- system "sudo make install"
+ system "make install"
def caveats
- puts <<BEGIN
-Issue the following to create the correct user account
+amservice typically installs with setuid root, this has been disabled to comply with homebrew
+The username/group that amanda runs as is compiled into the package, they are amandabackup/admin
+Issue the following to create the correct user account:
sudo dscl localhost -create /Local/Default/Users/amandabackup
sudo dscl localhost -create /Local/Default/Users/amandabackup RecordName amandabackup
sudo dscl localhost -create /Local/Default/Users/amandabackup UserShell /bin/bash

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