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A PicaView replacement.


See Manual.html.

Build Instructions

  • Get MSVC12 (2013) - Not sure if the Express version suffices.
  • Optionally get the Intel C++ compiler 14
  • Optionally get Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects Preview
  • Open the solution.
  • Select one of the following configurations:
    • Debug / Win32 or x64
    • Release / Win32 or x64
    • WOW / Win32 (fpext_WOW.dll only)
  • Build!

Alternatively batch build:

  • fastpreview: Release Win32 + Release x64
  • fpext.dll: WOW Win32

After batch-building, feel free to build the Setup configuration to create MSIs. Also see Setup/ to create the self-extracting installers.


Original code is licensed under the MIT LICENSE. Also see the License.*.txt files regarding licensing of third-party stuff.


  • File issues. ;) Although you might not get an immediate response, be assured that I'll actually read those.
  • Test the stuff.
  • Submit pull requests.
    • But keep in mind that any new code is supposed to be C++11-y.
    • And also mind the license.
    • And the compilers that are supposed to be supported.
  • Tell your friends (or something ;))


Please note that this stuff is essentially a mix of old "let's write one of my first C++ applications" cruft and some more modern stuff. Also note that most parts of the code aren't mine; Most of FastPreview is just glue code to piece various bits together.