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CS 51 website (2012 edition)

What is this?

This repository contains the source for the website for the Brown University Computer Science course CS 51: "Models of Computation".

This document provides instructions on how to build and maintain the website. It is of primary interest to those who wish to, or have no choice but, build and maintain the website.


  • Cakefile
    automates most tasks related to building the website
  • build
    does not exist, but will be created with the website content when you build
  • data
    not, strictly speaking, part of the website, but used for generating website contents
  • static
    the static files that will be part of the website, with no modification
  • style
    styles for the site, compiled to CSS as part of the build process
  • templates
    page templates in preprocessed form
  • var
    website content that is most likely to change, drawn upon by the templates in generating the pages

Technology and Setup

The templates are written in Jade and the stylesheets are writen in Less. The build file (Cakefile) is written in CoffeeScript and also uses the node csv parser for processing raw data.

To get these, first install node.js, then install everything else by running npm install.

Note: if you don't have CoffeeScript installed globally — which will be the case if you follow the instructions above — you may want to do the following:

  1. Symlink the Cake executable to your main directory (ln -s node_modules/coffee-script/bin/cake)
  2. Whenever you see cake in the instructions below, use ./cake instead.


cake json
cake all

cd build
echo Voilà!


As mentioned above, the var directory contains the content most likely to change over the course of the class. Go there and modify the file that sounds like whatever it is you're trying to change.

If you can't find what you're looking for there, you'll need to modify the templates directly.

If you want to add new static files (e.g., assignment PDFs), put them in the static directory. Everything there gets copied over to the built website.

When you're done, run cake all to rebuild the site.

Modifying assignments and lectures

As you can tell from looking in the var directory, assignments and lectures are stored in JSON files. This makes it really easy to include them in the page templates, but kind of hard to modify, especially if you're changing a bunch of them at once.

Instead, you may wish to modify the CSV files in the data directory. (pro-tip: shared spreadsheets in Google Docs, then export as CSV) Then, run cake json to generate the JSON files.
Warning: this resets the "released" and "solution" flags on the documents.