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Make My Password

This is a simple add-on that will, when you ask it, create a password for you by randomly pulling from a string of characters.

How to Use It

Right-click on a password field and select Create Password from the menu.

Additional Features

After you create a password, it will be automatically copied to your clipboard. That way, if, for example, you use an external password manager, you can save your new password in it right away.

Can I Save the Password in Firefox?

Sure! After the password is created and you submit the form, Firefox should ask you if you want it to remember the password. Tell it, "yes."


There are several preferences that you can set from the Add-ons Manager:

  • Password length
  • Characters to use in the password
  • How long the clipboard should contain the new password (It will reset to its original contents after the specified number of seconds.)