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Digital Media Capstone Project

You control a character named "Kai" and you are a Samurai. You are trapped in a dark forest full of creatures and traps. Your mission is to travel to the other side of the forest, fast enough and collect all necessary recourses without falling in the traps and letting the dark mysterious creatures destroy you.

How to Add more levels

Step 1. Create a new SpriteKit Scene file and give it a name
Step 2. Open LevelListFactory.swift
Step 3. Add AvailableLevel(name: “Your new scene name”)
Step 4. Open "Your new scene name" with the SpriteKit editor and have fun


This project was crafted for my Information Techology Capstone Project. I got an A after all :)


Everyone is welcome to contribute, add more levels, improve the graphics and add his/hers imagination. He/she is not adviced to take this project and simply submit it to the Apple Store.


Link here


Feel free to contact me.