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Stock screener with wireless capabilities
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Stock Pal

A stock display using a Nokia5110 LCD that shows a list of custom stocks and their daily trends. Uses the power of WiFi to update stock information every few minutes. Upward and downward trends visually indicated using a an RGB LED.

The stock website I used (AlphaVantage) did not have a functional intraday API at the time of creating this project so it currently updates daily. However that should be fairly easy to add in so feel free to use this project as a base!

With Stock Pal you can put a stock in it!


  • x1 NodeMCU 1.0 ESP-12E board
  • x1 Nokia5110 LCD
  • x1 RGB LED
  • x3 330 ohm 1% resistors


Because I'm too lazy to draw up the schematic...

  • Nokia RST <---> Node D2

  • Nokia CE <---> Node D1

  • Nokia DC <---> Node D6

  • Nokia DIN <---> Node D7

  • Nokia CLK <---> Node D5

  • Node D0 <---> Resistor <---> Red LED Pin

  • Node D3 <---> Resistor <---> Green LED Pin

  • Node D4 <---> Resistor <---> Blue LED Pin

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