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"Failed to convert source address to presentation format" when using a specified interface that has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses #2206

empovit opened this issue Dec 16, 2020 · 4 comments


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empovit commented Dec 16, 2020

Describe the bug
When I try to discover hosts that are not reachable from a specific interface, and the interface has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, nmap fails with:

Failed to convert source address to presentation format!?!  Error: Address family not supported by protocol

Moreover, if the argument is a list of IP addresses (some of them reachable), none of those hosts will be discovered because of the error.

To Reproduce
I'm including a script that reproduces the behavior with Docker CE (20.10.0 on Fedora 32 in my case).

Important: Make sure Docker assigns IPv4 addresses to the interfaces.


echo ">>> Create two IPv6 networks"
docker network create --ipv6 --subnet 2001:db8::/120 ipv6-net-1
docker network create --ipv6 --subnet fe80:5054::/120 ipv6-net-2

echo ">>> Run container #1 attached to the networks so it has two NICs"
CONTAINER_1=`docker run -d --entrypoint sleep --net ipv6-net-1 $DOCKER_IMAGE 600`
docker network connect ipv6-net-2 $CONTAINER_1
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_1 ip a

echo ">>> Run container #2 attached to the networks"
CONTAINER_2=`docker run -d --entrypoint sleep --net ipv6-net-1 $DOCKER_IMAGE 600`
docker network connect ipv6-net-2 $CONTAINER_2
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 ip a

echo ">>> Run NMAP from eth0 to the two addresses of container #1"
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 nmap -6 -sn -n -e eth0 2001:db8::2 fe80:5054::2

echo ">>> Run NMAP from eth1 to the two addresses of container #1"
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 nmap -6 -sn -n -e eth1 2001:db8::2 fe80:5054::2

echo ">>> Now run NMAP from eth0 and then eth1, but for each address individually"
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 nmap -6 -sn -n -e eth0 2001:db8::2
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 nmap -6 -sn -n -e eth0 fe80:5054::2
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 nmap -6 -sn -n -e eth1 2001:db8::2
docker exec -ti $CONTAINER_2 nmap -6 -sn -n -e eth1 fe80:5054::2

echo ">>> Cleanup"
docker kill $CONTAINER_1 $CONTAINER_2
docker network rm ipv6-net-1 ipv6-net-2

Expected behavior
A standard message saying that the host is down, or at least some hosts discovered in case of multiple IP addresses.

Version info (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Alpine Linux v3.12 (containerized)
  • Output of nmap --version:
Nmap version 7.91 ( )
Platform: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Compiled with: nmap-liblua-5.3.5 openssl-3.1.2 nmap-libssh2-1.9.0 nmap-libz-1.2.11 nmap-libpcre-7.6 libpcap-1.9.1 nmap-libdnet-1.12 ipv6
Compiled without:
Available nsock engines: epoll poll select
  • Output of nmap --iflist
Starting Nmap 7.91 ( ) at 2020-12-16 16:43 UTC
DEV  (SHORT) IP/MASK                 TYPE     UP MTU   MAC
lo   (lo)             loopback up 65536
lo   (lo)    ::1/128                 loopback up 65536
eth0 (eth0)           ethernet up 1500  02:42:AC:16:00:03
eth0 (eth0)  2001:db8::3/120         ethernet up 1500  02:42:AC:16:00:03
eth0 (eth0)  fe80::42:acff:fe16:3/64 ethernet up 1500  02:42:AC:16:00:03
eth1 (eth1)           ethernet up 1500  02:42:AC:17:00:03
eth1 (eth1)  fe80::42:acff:fe17:3/64 ethernet up 1500  02:42:AC:17:00:03
eth1 (eth1)  fe80:5054::3/120        ethernet up 1500  02:42:AC:17:00:03

DST/MASK         DEV  METRIC GATEWAY    eth1 0    eth0 0        eth0 0
fe80:5054::3/128 eth1 0
::1/128          lo   0
2001:db8::3/128  eth0 0
2001:db8::/120   eth0 256
fe80:5054::/120  eth1 256
fe80::/64        eth0 256
fe80::/64        eth1 256
ff00::/8         eth0 256
ff00::/8         eth1 256
::/0             eth0 1024   2001:db8::1

Additional context
I observed this problem with a variety of OSs (containers) and nmap versions.

@empovit empovit added the Nmap label Dec 16, 2020
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If you are in a position to compile Nmap then you could try this patch as a quick fix:

--- a/libnetutil/	2020-11-25 19:23:26.400705564 -0700
+++ b/libnetutil/	2020-12-20 22:56:08.182980811 -0700
@@ -3163,7 +3163,7 @@
   len -= NLMSG_LENGTH(sizeof(*nlmsg));
   /* See rtnetlink(7). Anything matching this route is actually unroutable. */
-  if (rtmsg->rtm_type == RTN_UNREACHABLE)
+  if (rtmsg->rtm_type == RTN_UNREACHABLE || rtmsg->rtm_type == RTN_UNSPEC)
     return 0;
   /* Default values to be possibly overridden. */

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nnposter commented Dec 21, 2020

What appears to be going on is that in function route_dst_netlink, the final determination whether there is a good route for a given destination is implemented as a test whether interface info got populated:

if (ii != NULL) {

This rationale seems generally valid but it fails when the interface is determined upfront, via -e. In this case the interface info gets populated early:
ii = getInterfaceByName(device, dst->ss_family);

instead of by parsing a route attribute:
ii = getInterfaceByName(namebuf, dst->ss_family);

Incorrect value of 1 is returned to function setup_target, which then proceeds with setting up the target, finally trying to convert the source IP address to a string via inet_ntop:


Line 187 in cd63da6

if (inet_ntop(sin->sin_family, (sin->sin_family == AF_INET)?

This conversion fails because the requested family is AF_INET6, while the content of struct sockaddr_storage is AF_UNSPEC (because it did not get populated by route_dst_netlink).

The fix presented earlier avoids the issue by exiting early on RTN_UNSPEC. There are likely other route types that should be treated the same, such as RTN_BLACKHOLE or RTN_PROHIBIT.

@nnposter nnposter added the bug label Dec 28, 2020
@nnposter nnposter self-assigned this Dec 28, 2020
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The patch above, with additional route types RTN_BLACKHOLE and RTN_PROHIBIT, will be committed on/after January 15 unless concerns are raised.

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The patch has been committed as r38183. Thank you for reporting the issue.

@nmap nmap deleted a comment Apr 11, 2022
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