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nnposter commented Apr 6, 2017

Function url.parse() separates a given URL into individual components, such as the scheme, host, port, and path.

As of now the port part is being returned as string. I would like to propose that port return type is changed to number, technically an integer.

This will make the function more consistent with other libraries, which frequently expect a port parameter in the form of the full-fledged table or a number, but not a string.

The switch will also reduce obscure ambiguities that already exist in the code base. As an example, several scripts contain a code like this:

local function getHostPort(parsed)
  local host, port = parsed.host, parsed.port
  -- if no port was found, try to deduce it from the scheme
  if ( not(port) ) then
    port = (parsed.scheme == 'https') and 443
    port = port or ((parsed.scheme == 'http') and 80)
  return host, port

Such a function will sometimes return the port as a number and other times as a string.

A corresponding patch already exists here. It covers both the change itself and a corresponding clean-up of the consuming code.

The change looks pretty non-controversial but I am cognizant of the fact that it changes behavior of a standard library.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise I will commit the change in a few weeks.

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