Changing from Macports to Jhbuild #420

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ghost commented Jun 15, 2016

I had to add libsqlite3 and libz in static linking to make it work.

Dumont added some commits Jun 15, 2016
Dumont Remove Macports; nmap-update now uses static libs
nmap-update now uses static libraries linking for libapr, libsvn,
libserf, libz and libsqlite3
Dumont Add dependencies requiered for nmap-update's static libraries e966a90
Dumont Add Mac libs' flags, if specified to the makefile 16b4575
Dumont Vincent added some commits Jun 21, 2016
Dumont Vincent Remove duplicated SVN_LIBS option 6723bd8
Dumont Vincent Modifies wrong usages
I removed zlib and sqlite because gtk already had them installed with Jhbuild. Instead, we now use the default versions chipped with it.
I also changed the gtk path by PREFIX.

This works great, now! Do also update the file to include the required jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-python step. I also had to delete my .jhbuildrc-custom file and allow the script to recreate it because it was incompatible with a recent update, but I don't know that that belongs in our documentation.

Commit away!


@W0naN0w Found a slight problem: the MAC_FLAGS variable is not part of the configure script, so @MAC_FLAGS@ will not be substituted during configure. For OS X, this isn't a problem because we pass MAC_FLAGS on the command line, but for other platforms, it results in the literal string @MAC_FLAGS@ being passed to the linker. The line should instead be an empty assignment:


This ensures it will be blank unless it is passed via the make command line.

@ghost Unknown referenced this pull request Jul 15, 2016

Changing from Macports to Jhbuild #457

ghost commented Jul 15, 2016

@dmiller-nmap, I just opened a new PR, #457 to update this one. I also updated directly on the svn trunk with the following changes:

  • Add .jhbuildrc-custom to the rm command at the beginning of the file
  • Add the jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-python step

Thank you again for all your work!

@ghost ghost closed this Jul 15, 2016
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