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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Sep 25, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • After more than 7 years of development and 170 previous public releases, the
    Nmap Project is delighted to release Npcap version 1.00!

  • New Packet.dll function PacketGetTimestampModes() to retrieve supported
    packet timestamping modes. These do not currently vary by adapter, but
    TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME_PRECISE is not supported on Windows 7, for
    example. Fixes #174.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Aug 25, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix an integer underflow in the amount of free buffer space available leading
    to excessive memory consumption. Fixes #223.

  • Significantly reduced per-packet memory overhead for packets in the kernel capture buffer.

  • Replaced object pool/slab allocator with Windows lookaside lists, improving
    performance by avoiding spinlocks and allowing the system to adjust memory

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Aug 7, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix a runaway memory leak triggered by low-resources condition leading to
    system hangs. Fixes #213.

  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_Read in some high-traffic cases. Fixes #206.

  • Fix a handle leak in Packet.dll when enumerating interfaces. Fixes #26.

  • Fix an inconsistency between return value and IRP completion status in
    NPF_Read when an adapter is removed. Driver Verifier would cause a bugcheck
    (BSoD) in this case, and pcap API functions would not detect an error.
    Fixes #217

  • Improved performance by reusing allocated packet data buffers and
    implementing DISPATCH_LEVEL tracking throughout the driver to speed up lock

  • When upgrading from compatible recent versions (currently Npcap 0.9985 and
    newer), the installer will unpack a new Uninstall.exe and NPFInstall.exe
    prior to removing the existing installation. This resolves issues with the
    uninstallation process such as were common in Npcap 0.9991 through 0.9994.

  • Upgraded build system to VisualStudio 2019 and WDK 10.0.18362.0

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Jul 10, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_Read when NDIS filter module is detached from the
    adapter. Fixes #194

  • On Windows 10, the Npcap driver has been updated to NDIS 6.50 and Windows 10
    WFP compatibility, supporting network stack improvements like RSC.
    Fixes #196.

  • Correctly obey maximum frame size for an adapter by querying
    OID_GEN_MAXIMUM_TOTAL_SIZE instead of using MTU, which does not include
    space for the link layer header. Fixes #186.

  • Fix detection of processes using Npcap resources during uninstall or upgrade.
    The fix for #2015 had broken this so such
    processes were not terminated, leading to failed installations.

  • Obey snaplen (pcap_set_snaplen()) even if a packet filter is not set. This
    is a backported change from upstream libpcap that corrects a deficiency that
    has been present in all previous versions of WinPcap and Npcap.
    Fixes #201.

  • Improvements to object pool/slab allocator to allow nonpaged memory to be
    freed when not in use.

  • When installing Npcap OEM in silent mode, avoid running C:\Uninstall.exe if no existing Npcap installation is present.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Jun 13, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_ReleaseOpenInstanceResources due to miscounting of
    number of open Loopback capture instances. Fixes #185.

  • Fix corrupted and missing packets in Npcap 0.9992 and 0.9993 due to reusing a
    data structure that already contained packet data.

  • Fix a crash in NPFInstall.exe that happened when trying to rebind Npcap to
    the network stack as part of some installations. Reported by Microsoft App
    Assure ISV Outreach Team.

  • When multiple packets are indicated in a single FilterReceiveNetBufferLists
    callback, only get a single timestamp for all of them. Avoids extra calls to
    KeQueryPerformanceCounter or KeQuerySystemTimePrecise which only ended up
    measuring Npcap processing delay, not actual packet arrival time.

  • Fix a potential NULL pointer deref issue in Objpool.h macros if an
    allocation were to fail and return a NULL pointer.

  • Fix parsing of pnputil.exe output that resulted in Npcap drivers not being
    cleared from the DriverStore before installing or upgrading. This led to
    older drivers being preferred in some cases, such as installing an unsigned
    driver in test mode.

  • Move all capture- and injection-related initialization code out of
    NPF_OpenAdapter, improving efficiency of operations like listing adapters
    or performing OID requests without starting a full capture.

  • Added SAL annotations to most driver functions to improve static analysis.
    Found one issue related to using a NULL NDIS handle in an allocation
    function, which is not supported on Windows 7.

  • Allow driver to load even if there is a problem initializing loopback capture
    or injection functions. The loopback capture device will simply be
    unavailable in that case.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Jun 6, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_DoInternalRequest triggered by suspending the
    system while a capture is running. Added source annotations to allow static
    analysis to catch bugs like this in the future. Fixes #181.

  • Fix a bug introduced in Npcap 0.9992 which caused loopback capture to fail if
    any loopback capture had been previously started and finished.

  • Fix packet length calculation for loopback capture. The packet length was
    being counted twice, leading to junk data being appended to captured packets.

  • If installation fails for any reason other than a failure to uninstall the
    previous version of Npcap, the current version's uninstaller will be used to
    clean up any partial installation. The only remaining files will be the
    install.log and NPFInstall.log in the Npcap installation directory.
    Fixes #170

  • Replaced ReadWriteLock mechanisms with improved NDIS_RW_LOCK_EX new in NDIS
    6.20 for improved performance.

  • Moved object pool for captured packets from the filter module (adapter)
    object to the open instance (pcap handle) to allow memory to be recovered
    after a capture is closed.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Jun 4, 2020

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Npcap issues are now tracked on their own Github Issues
    , separate from Nmap issues. Many existing
    issues have been migrated, and issue numbers may have changed.

  • Rewrote the kernel packet capture buffer code again to avoid requiring a
    separate worker thread. Instead, captured packets are held directly in a
    synchronized queue. The worker thread introduced in Npcap 0.9991 was unable
    to keep up with the volume of packet requests, leading to buffer bloat and
    reduced performance.

  • Avoid initializing loopback capture-related functions and processing packets
    as soon as an adapter is opened. This will improve performance since adapters
    are opened as part of listing adapters.

  • Fix a crash in NPFInstall.exe when terminating processes which are using
    Npcap resources. This could lead to failed installations and message windows
    about "A LWF & WFP driver installation tool has stopped working."

  • Update Npcap from NDIS 6.10 to NDIS 6.20, which limits its compatibility to
    Windows 7 and higher. Closes #167.

  • Fix a bug in Npcap 0.9991 which prevented packets from being captured until a
    BPF filter had been set. Fixes #168 (migrated
    from nmap/nmap#2037).

  • Allow capture statistics and captured packets remaining in the buffer to be
    retrieved when an adapter is removed. Fixes nmap/nmap#2036.

  • Use WMI instead of the Windows 10-only Get-NetAdapter Powershell cmdlet in
    the DiagReport tool. Fixes nmap/nmap#611.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this May 4, 2020

Installer, SDK, and debug symbols available from

  • Switched our code signing certificate back to DigiCert after some users found
    older Windows versions could not validate the signature on our driver for
    versions 0.9985 through 0.9990. The driver is again dual-signed with SHA-1
    and SHA-2 certificates. See #2012

  • Major changes to management of Npcap driver's circular packet buffer,
    switching from per-CPU unshared segments to a single worker thread managing a
    queue of work items. This improves buffer utilization, reduces the amount of
    time spent processing in the network stack, and should reduce packet loss.
    See #1967.

  • Several performance-related improvements to the NDIS filter driver: Switched
    from SpinLocks to ReadWriteLocks for several crucial shared data structures,
    which will improve performance by reducing resource contention on
    multiprocessor systems, and introduced an object-pool allocation pattern for
    several frequently-used short-lifetime objects, improving performance by
    reducing memory allocations.

  • Again restore "unused" NDIS filter callbacks which cause Windows 7 to lose
    connectivity when they are removed. See #1998.

  • Include debug symbols for wpcap.dll in our debug symbols zip file at . Fixes #1844.

  • Fixed #1996: heap corruption in
    NPFInstall.exe since Npcap 0.9989 leading to hung installs when the "raw
    802.11 traffic" option was checked.

  • Fixed #2014: Npcap OEM silent install
    produced a dialog when installing over an existing installation of the same

  • Uninstaller improvements related to removing the installation directory,
    properly killing processes using Npcap DLLs, not leaving a partial
    installation if a step fails. Fixes #2013
    and #2015.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Apr 5, 2020

Installer, SDK, and debug symbols available from

  • Improve compatibility with WinPcap's behavior regarding injected traffic.
    WinPcap uses inefficient loopback to capture all outbound traffic, but allows
    PacketSetLoopbackBehavior() to avoid this for injected traffic. Because of
    Npcap's more efficient design, injected traffic was never looped back up to
    protocol drivers, causing problems for some users who relied on this behavior.
    Now, injected traffic follows the same path as with WinPcap, though ordinary
    traffic is unaffected. For highest efficiency without loopback, use
    PacketSetLoopbackBehavior(PACKET_DISABLE_LOOPBACK). Fixes #1343,
    #1929, and GNS3/gns3-gui#2936

  • No longer honor NDIS_PACKET_TYPE_ALL_LOCAL set via PacketSetHwFilter().
    This packet filter causes all local traffic to be routed through an unoptimized
    loopback path within NDIS, which was necessary to capture outgoing traffic in
    WinPcap but is no longer needed in Npcap. Instead, this value will be treated as

  • Fix a bug that caused TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME_PRECISE to fall back to
    TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME even when KeQuerySystemTimePrecise() was
    available. Fix by Mauro Levra in PR#23.

  • Installer will now install an intermediate CA cert that was missing from some
    systems, which is needed to verify the driver's digital signature. Only
    affects Windows versions prior to Windows 10.

  • Backport a fix from libpcap needed to properly support
    NdisMediumWirelessWan. See #1573.

  • Include experimental support for AirPcap cards if airpcap.dll (not
    included) is installed.

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@dmiller-nmap dmiller-nmap released this Mar 19, 2020

Installer, debug symbols, and SDK available from

  • Fix a BSOD crash in NPF_OpenAdapter due to reading past the end of a
    string. Fixes #1924

  • Fix a BSOD crash (NULL pointer dereference) in NPF_Restart.
    Fixes #1964.

  • Fix a memory leak in the Loopback WFP filter. Additionally, WFP callbacks
    will be unregistered when all loopback captures are closed, reducing impact
    of related code when not in use. Fixes #1966.

  • New Packet.DLL function PacketSetTimestampMode() allows a user program to
    set the method used to timestamp packets as they arrive. See #1775.
    Supported modes are:

    • TIMESTAMPMODE_SINGLE_SYNCHRONIZATION - default monotonic timestamps based
      on KeQueryPerformanceCounter()
    • TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME - low-precision wall clock time based on
    • TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME_PRECISE - high-precision wall clock time
      based on KeQuerySystemTimePrecise(), new in this release and only
      available on Windows 8 and newer. See #1407.
  • Remove some problematic timestamp modes:
    TIMESTAMPMODE_RDTSC was x86-only and not suitable for multi-processor
    systems. See #1829.

  • The Npcap SDK 1.05 will be released to include the new
    PacketSetTimestampMode() function.

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