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package main
import (
// MultipleInputTopicsExample is Kafka message processor that shows how to read messages from muptiple Kafka topics
type MultipleInputTopicsExample struct{}
func (processor *MultipleInputTopicsExample) Process(msgs []*sarama.ConsumerMessage, sender kasper.Sender) error {
for _, msg := range msgs {
return nil
// Process processes Kafka messages from topics "hello" and "world" and prints info to console
func (*MultipleInputTopicsExample) ProcessMessage(msg *sarama.ConsumerMessage) {
key := string(msg.Key)
value := string(msg.Value)
offset := msg.Offset
topic := msg.Topic
partition := msg.Partition
format := "Got message: key='%s', value='%s' at offset='%d' (topic='%s', partition='%d')\n"
fmt.Printf(format, key, value, offset, topic, partition)
func main() {
client, _ := sarama.NewClient([]string{"localhost:9092"}, sarama.NewConfig())
config := kasper.Config{
TopicProcessorName: "multiple-input-topics-example",
Client: client,
InputTopics: []string{"hello", "world"},
InputPartitions: []int{0},
messageProcessors := map[int]kasper.MessageProcessor{0: &MultipleInputTopicsExample{}}
tp := kasper.NewTopicProcessor(&config, messageProcessors)
go func() {
signals := make(chan os.Signal, 1)
signal.Notify(signals, syscall.SIGINT, syscall.SIGTERM)
log.Println("Topic processor is running...")
for range signals {
err := tp.RunLoop()
log.Printf("Topic processor finished with err = %s\n", err)
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