A super simple web app to shorten your GitHub URLs to a vanity URL.
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EZ Git.io

EZ Git.io is a tool to request custom (vanity) git.io shortlinks for any GitHub URL. This is done using curl for PHP. Yes, you can do this with command line curl without this tool; for instructions on that, check this blog post.

Try it!

Click Here, it works right in your browser.


Can I create multiple git.io shortlinks for a GitHub page?
No, you can only create one shortlink per page. I recommend adding an empty query (a question mark character) after the URL if you want to create multiple shortlinks to the same page (i.e if a shortlink has been created for https://github.com/, try shortening it as https://github.com/?). Thanks to this Stack Overflow post for this good advice.
I made a mistake! Can I delete a shortened URL?
I have not found any way to do this from the user's end. I would try contacting GitHub to see if they can delete a shortlink for you. If you know something I don't, though, let me know!
Can I create a git.io shortlink for X website?
If X website is not a GitHub-owned URL, you cannot shorten it with git.io.


Most of the site's formatting is based on Matt Holt's project, curl-to-Go. Big thanks to that blog post I mentioned earlier for getting me started with git.io.